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debolyn started this conversation

Where to start!  I am 45 yrs old.   I lost my husband in 2005 after a year and a half of fighting cancer.  We didn't have health insurance but were lucky that he had been in the service.  He was able to be placed in a VA nursing home.  Unfortunately the nursing home was a 2 hour drive for me.  So I only got to see him on the weekends because I worked during the week.  We had just bought the house that we always wanted just 5 yrs before he got sick.  And of course we lost the house and my son and I moved in with my mom.  She was still dealing with the death of my dad just 2 yrs before that.  After my husband passed I didn't think things could get much worse.  But then just 4 months later, my mom passed away.  I was forced to move out of my mom's house and find my own.  I was working 2 jobs and then the one business closed.  I do have a wonderful job now but it just doesn't pay enough.  My son is just finishing his first year in college.  I don't know how much longer we can hold on.  I've been tryng to find a second job that I can do from home. My son will be working 2 jobs this summer so that he can pay for his schooling and to help me out.

So in 5 yrs time- I lost my dad, my mother-in-law, my husband, my mother, 2 places to live, and a job.  Everyone keeps telling me that God will only give me what I can handle.  I just keep going everyday but I am getting scared of how to pay all the bills.  So if anyone has any ideas fo rme or can help me in any way, I wold be truly grateful.

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Thank you.  I ask God everyday to watch over my son and myself.  If I didn't have faith I don't think I could have survived.  We did have one good thing happen today!!  My son got a part-time job.  He starts in a few weeks.  That will help us alot. 

I hope things are going better for you too. I will keep you and your children in my prayers.  God Bless you and I hope you know that reading your post really helped me.  Sometimes you just need to get a few words of encouragement to get you back on the right track.  Take care!!!

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I am going to pray for you and your son. I too have lost loved ones. MY mother, my granmother, my grandfather. Everyone left on my mothers side of the family. My only blood family. I never knew my biological father. They are all gone.  I too have and still do have financial struggles. I have learned that as crazy as it sounds when you are about to loose everything you have worked for and own, take no heed for tomorrow. I know , its sound unlogical and not the answer you are looking for. Take no heed for what you will wear, what you will eat. Ask God to provide, just be willing to take what he provides. Sometimes we are looking for something we think is the answer, when he has provided us with his answer for the moment. I have learned to humble myself and remember that he is GOD. I try to look at the most obvious. I have found that an answer is right in front of me. I have even waited and worried and the answer was right there. Take a step back and pray once again and go in and take another look. God bless you.

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